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Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects

Some time ago, I was trying to migrate our old Classic ASP based and Visual SourceSafe maintained projects to Visual Studio 2005 Web project with little or no success. This new Visual Studio 2005 Web project works without project files and that turn out to be quite a problem in combination with VSS.

  • I was not able to exclude some files and directories from project and they were checked in to SourceSafe database (that was not desired).

I have found a solution in making my own project template that is similar to C# library project. I had to sacrifice some Visual Studio 2005 Web project features, but at least we were able to develop our existing project with this new Visual Studio version.

But today there is a new option and hope :) Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project. As said by Scott Guthrie... The Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project Model is a new web project option for Visual Studio 2005 that provides the same conceptual web project approach as VS 2003 (a project file based structure where all code in the project is compiled into a single assembly) but with all the new features of VS 2005 (refactoring, class diagrams, test development, generics, etc) and ASP.NET 2.0 (master pages, data controls, membership/login, role management, Web Parts, personalization, site navigation, themes, etc).


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