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Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects RC1

One of my first posts on this blog was about Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Projects. It's quite usefull feature, as it brings the classic web project back to Visual Studio 2005.

Now, there is updated RC1 version with a lot of added functionality

Also included in this build is support to automatically migrate a VS 2003 Web Application to be a VS 2005 Web Application Project. With the VS 2005 Web Application Project installed, you can now simply do a File->Open File within VS 2005 and select a VS 2003 .sln or project file to kick off a migration wizard that will convert the project to be VS 2005 Web Application Project (no need to open or modify any project file settings manually anymore). This will provide a straight-forward way to migrate a VS 2003 Web Application to VS 2005 without having to-do much work (because this new project type uses the same compile and project semantics as VS 2003 you shouldn’t need to make code changes to get a VS 2003 app building and running in VS 2005 – we’ll be posting a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to-do this shortly).
  • Event handler generation and wire-up from the WYSIWYG designer
  • F7/Shift-F7 Navigation Support (switch between page views)
  • Add New Item Wizard to add pages based on Master Pages (easily pick master)
  • Richer Publishing Support
  • Connection String and Settings Support in Web.Config
  • Resources and .Resx Resource Editor Support
  • Support for building multi-project applications and sub-web projects
  • .ASPX files no longer locked when debugging
  • Support for root-path based image and stylesheets (/images/foo.jpg)
  • Control Registrations within Web.Config files
  • Web Service Cross-Project Reference Support
  • Section 508 and WCAG Accessibility Checker Support
  • Ability to create an IIS Vroot/Application setting within Project Dialog
  • SQL DataSource Control Support
  • ASP.NET Custom Folder Templates
  • Component Designer Support
  • Support to Drag/Drop User Controls, StyleSheets, Images from Solution Explorer to designer
  • New Web Service Project Template
  • SQL Express Support


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